This Winter Walking Challenge is designed to encourage you to move more during the hectic holiday times and the ho-hum January doldrums. With generally mid winters in the Atlanta area, we should get outside and move more. So grab a co-worker, a neighbor, your spouse or kid, and get outside!

Walking is something we can control – it’s free, easy, and doesn’t require a gym or a huge block of time Having several brief walking breaks throughout your day is just as good for you as going on one big long walk, and can often be more easily incorporated into your busy life.

After a walk, you’ll feel more energetic and have better mental focus. Plus, you’ll have that smug satisfaction from knowing you just did something good for your heart and for your waistline.

The Goal

For the Winter Walking Challenge, your goal is to walk 30 minutes/day. You may walk anywhere, anytime. Want to do a 15-minute walk in the morning and again in the afternoon? Sweet. How about a 30-minute walk with a colleague at lunch time? That works. Got time for a long 60-minute walk or hike on a weekend afternoon? Bonus! Even if you can only get out for a few minutes? Yep, that counts, too —whatever works for you.

I’m starting over the holiday break and continuing throughout the month of January. I think it will help with stress, fatigue, and staying socially connected (via some walking buddies) during these winter months. And that’s a goal I can get behind.

Join me! Friend me on Facebook, or post progress and comments on my Facebook page. If Santa brings me a new Fitbit, I’ll share the info and you can compete with me for steps.

The Challenge

  • Encourage a friend or co-worker to participate. Walking with a buddy increases accountability toward personal fitness goals.
  • Use your fitness tracker to count steps and have a competition on daily or weekly step goals.
  • Try to incorporate walking activity into your daily routine.
  • Recruit your friends to take this challenge with you! It’s easy… just decide to do it, and let others know!

The Fine Print

  • Haven’t moved around much in a while? Talk with your doctor before starting any exercise program.
  • Dress appropriately and drink water before, during, and after your walk.
  • Avoid walking alone at night. It’s safer and more fun to go with a friend.

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