Does your job keep you chained to a desk? Want to get moving and feel better? Start a walking program with short distances, slow paces and flat surfaces; and gradually build up distance, speed and inclines. Focus on good posture, with head lifted and shoulders relaxed. Swing your arms naturally and breathe deeply.

Experts recommend that you walk a minimum of 30 minutes each day, but that can be three 10-minute walks each day, or hour-long walks two to three times per week.

To fit more walking into your schedule, you have to be ready to walk when the opportunity presents itself. Keep shoes in your car, walk around the field during the kids soccer practice, and invite friends to walk with you before you head off to the coffee shop.

Remember, every little bit counts. So, throw on your comfy clothes and sneakers and head out for a brisk walk in the fresh air. Your body and mind will thank you! These, and more great tips, can be found at Bonne Santé.

If you’re looking for people to hang out with, my local club may be for you. We hike, bike & jog around town – and we grab a cuppa joe or a bite to eat while we’re at it. Living that active lifestyle is way more fun when you do things with friends! Learn more about the Actively Social Club.

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