I specialize in functional fitness. Not everyone has a goal to become “bikini ready”. As we mature, it becomes more and more important to maintain muscle mass, hold onto our ability to bend, lift, move and stretch, to perform the activities of daily life.

We need to unload groceries from the trunk, pick up the grandkids, and catch our own balance to avoid a fall. We want to put our suitcases into overhead bins, and it’s nice to work in the garden without throwing our back out. This is why we won’t be flipping tires or jumping on boxes – we will improve functional fitness.



This is the time-honored classic of one-on-one instruction. Personal Training is an excellent choice for people who are just getting into (or getting back to) a fitness program.

You have my undivided attention. We perform a set of appropriate physical assessments of your posture, stability and mobility.

I help you set attainable S.M.A.R.T. goals. I provide you with a customized program specific to meeting those goals, a way to track your progress, accountability and motivation.

Often people will elect personal training for a period of time, to boost their confidence that they are performing exercises correctly, then move to small group training. Sessions are 50 minutes.


Got a buddy? Partner Training is a cost-effective way to work out together. In addition to the accountability and motivation that I provide, you have an obligation to your own friend, spouse, sibling…  I have found that people are highly motivated to show up and do well when a friend is waiting.

Partners perform the same exercises most of the time, other times we’ll make adjustments as necessary. Partner Training works best when the both members have similar fitness levels, goals, and schedules. Sessions are 50 minutes.

Once you feel better, you’ll move more, and realize you’re able to do more. Like the clients below, your progress will surprise you!

“After rehab for chondromalacia, Kelly helped me strengthen my legs while my knees healed. I couldn’t have done it on my own!”

Pamela Davis

Senior VP, Delta Credit

"Kelly not only helped me lose 16 lbs in 12 weeks, she taught me how to work out, and the importance of proper form. I was often amazed at the depth of her knowledge."

Jene Cox

Property Manager, Lincoln

“I feel stronger and more balanced when I walk or stand. I emjoy my workouts now, and feel better overall. And my old shoulder injury doesn’t hurt anymore!”

Melissa Davis

Sales Manager, Kittrich Corporation


Got zero free time? On-Your-Own Training may be the solution for you. Working out at your home/office/hotel room, with a set of workouts created just for your individual fitness level and goals, is a great idea for busy worker bees and new moms.

We have a session together (either in your home, your gym, or at my rental space) and go over all the exercises on your upcoming plan. We want to make sure you know proper form and technique before you tackle the workouts on your own.

You receive four weeks of workouts on a training app; I monitor your progress and check in frequently to help keep you motivated.


One-on-one instruction, but with a twist. For qualifying individuals (in relative good health, no limiting injuries, not pregnant) I will set you up with my online training app.

How does it work? You ‘ll complete questionnaires about your aerobic health, existing medical conditions, and a waiver. If you meet the basic requirements for exercise, I will provide you with an online training plan containing a  series of workouts, You can follow along with the workout on your phone as you go.

“My heartfelt thanks to Kelly, THE best training and aerobics instructor ever! Kelly is exceptionally caring, extremely knowledgeable about her craft and deeply passionate about her calling to empower women with fitness and health.”

Wanda Daniels

Account Manager, IBM

“I enjoy working out with Kelly. Varied and consistently updated workouts keep my interest, and I’m so much stronger now. Just the other week, my husband called me to help him move some stuff from the basement to the garage. HE called ME for help. Amazing!”

Kim Hoovestol

Commercial Credit Officer, Delta Credit

"After major surgery, I was sore and weak all over. Training with Kelly has freed me from back pain. I can sit in straight-back chairs, tie my own shoes again, and walk 2 miles."

Elleni M.

Software Engineer, Retired


Personal Training, One-on-One.

  • 3-session Trial:        $149
  • Per session rate:     $50

Partner Training for two clients.

  • 3-session Trial:        $109 per person
  • Per session rate:     $38 per person

Trial Packages are available to first-time clients only.

On-Your-Own Training

  • 12 workouts + one PT session:              $ 99/per month

Online Training Only

  • 12 workouts:           $49/month

Whether you are just starting to work out, getting back into your groove, or preparing for your first 5K, we can create a program dedicated to your specific needs.

Still have questions? Reach out anytime – I’m looking forward to working with you! 678-520-7886 trainer@kellykicksandsteps.com.

If you’d like to reap some of the benefits of working with a trainer, but at a lower cost, small classes and group training are for you! In this format, you train with a few other members and share the cost with the group. Learn more here:

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