You’re smart, experienced, a go-getter. You know how to go after what you want. So let me guess: You’ve tried diets before, had some success, but it didn’t last. OR… you’ve been pretty good with the whole “eating right” thing all along, but now that you’re, ahem… out of your twenties, you’re finding that things are working (or not) differently now. Sound familiar?

Moving toward a healthier lifestyle is simply this: cut way down on added sugar, eat lots of veggies, hydrate, exercise and have balanced meals throughout the day. Rest.

Sound shocking? News-breaking? Nope. You’ve heard this stuff already. So why aren’t you doing it?

Because, although the path to better health is filled with easy, do-able steps, there are a lot of those steps.

It takes time, effort and focus to keep doing those easy steps long enough to make a sustainable change to your busy, full-of-distractions life.

I can help with that.

Join the Food 101 Club – a 6-week support system for nutritional change.

Twice a year, I’m leading a group of women ages 40+ who want to feel better, look better, perform their daily activities better… who want to learn how to lose weight and keep it off.

We’ll start with the basics, and then hone on specific needs for the more mature woman. We’ll use a proven plan that will give you the knowledge you need to make incremental, sustainable changes to your lifestyle.

A healthy nutrition plan includes real food & lots of it. I don’t recommend any plan with special shakes, pills, or packaged, pricey food shipped to your house. No severe restrictions like only eating grapefruit, or never eating grains.

The Food 101 Club will help you implement that knowledge. With the support of other women going through the same process, access to a personal trainer and a registered dietician, you will have the resources you need to stick with it, and succeed.


“Having a group of people to encourage and support you along your life-changing journey makes a huge difference in your success.” -Sandra

“I lost 12 lbs in 15 weeks with Kelly’s nutrition coaching & a new set of healthy habits – just in time for the holidays.”

Kelsey Donaldson

Alumni Relations, Life University

On the first day of the Food 101 Club, we’ll set goals, perform basic assessments and take “before” photos. I’ll give you strategies on setting yourself up for success, with tips on how to update your pantry & refrigerator, and how to prepare for the week by shopping on Saturday and cooking on Sunday.

At the end of the club, we’ll repeat the assessments and celebrate your accomplishments: inches lost, strength gained, new positive habits… there will be many types of success!

“I lost about 20 pounds during this challenge and have kept it off. It’s been a true lifestyle change. My children check serving sizes and sugar grams now!”

Ali Blair

Join the Food 101 Club for just $89.

What’s Included

♥ Daily check-in and motivation through our private Facebook group. This is where the magic happens – all the Food 101 Club members chime in with what they find challenging, solutions to temptation and habits, and even recipes. I monitor the group throughout the day to answer questions as they are posted. This support is key to your success!

♥ Accountability: A Sunday Facebook post will task you with getting ready for the upcoming work week, the Thursday post will set focus for things to do over the weekend (like clear out and re-stock pantry).

♥ A guided Grocery Store Tour that will show you healthier alternatives to processed foods, and clear up the mysteries surrounding ingredient labels. This tour is led by a registered dietician.

♥ A six-week training plan, with cardio and strength-training workouts, designed by me (a certified personal trainer).

♥ The Countdown to Your Best Body Success Journal, which contains recipes and a daily checklist for challenges and accomplishments.

♥ The Meal Measure®, a divided-portion plate to help you utilize perfect portion control.

Get Started Now!

» Click the button at the bottom to join the club. You will receive your book and proportioned plate at the Kickoff.

Basic Package 2» Get ahead of the game by reading Weekly Food Prep, and article to help you plan for success.

» You’ll need to log your meals on three separate occasions during the program. If you like detailed data, join My Fitness Pal. If you don’t, simply share photos of your meals. Easy-peasy.


⊕You can check out the program here. Scroll down to see my featured review… it’s at the bottom because I was one of the first coordinators!

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