Each personal training client has her own story. Read about some of their successes in their own words.

Pam is a go-getter when it comes to her workouts. Recovering from overuse injuries, she is proof of my mantra: you will feel a difference before you see a difference. Staying with her program has allowed her to gain upper body strength and all-over flexibility while giving herself time to heal. She looks forward to losing weight, but in the meantime – check out her dead lift!

“I needed assistance with knee rehab; each time my knee began to feel a little better, I resumed my previous routines and wound up hurt again. Kelly put me on a weight lifting program, and I have a significant decrease in knee pain, more strength in arms and legs, and better flexibility with my knee. I’m back to walking 5 miles in 45 minutes!”  – Pamela D.

Jane’s job requires all-day sitting, taking a toll on her posture and core strength. Determined to make a change, she began personal training. In just 12 weeks, she lost 20 lbs while gaining overall strength and cardio endurance. She is able to perform functional day-to-day tasks with ease, and we will soon turn focus to improving her tennis game.

“I’m still a work in progress but I am feeling much better. Just finished a challenging hike with some friends and was able to keep up and was not as sore as I expected to be the next day. And it’s easier to pick up my dog!” – Jane W.

“I enjoy working out with Kelly so much. I do not do well in situations where I feel as though I am being barked at or yelled at. Kelly is just tough enough to make me do what I need to do and is extremely informative when it comes to telling me form and technique.

It sometimes amazes me how she knows right away if my hands aren’t where they need to be or what I would feel if I just moved my hands or legs a few inches differently.

She has obviously had ample education on training and I am glad I chose to work with her to help get in shape. It is not just the result, for me it is also learning the “why” of what we are doing and the body part that we are working on.” -Jene C.

Kelsey took advantage of the nutritional support group last August to fine-tune her fitness level. She lost 12 lbs in 52 days, and kept up her new lifestyle changes to lose another 13 lbs.

She reached her goal of 25 lbs fat loss well before the holidays, and had a whole new set of healthy habits to see her thru the non-stop party season.

When I first started training Kim (on the right), she had to help herself up from the floor, she could not hold a plank at all, and she needed more stamina to keep up with her active friends.

Now, she gets up and down easily from the floor (look, ma, no hands!), holds a perfect plank for almost a minute, and this past weekend she walked a 5K.

I am so very proud of her.

“I have enjoyed Partner Training with my friend, and I have enjoyed the camaraderie with you. I like the variety of exercises, and am pleased to realize that I do not dread working out anymore.” – Kim H.

Elleni was concerned about losing upper-body flexibility after her surgery. But daily attention to her stretching regime and frequent weight-training sessions have her stronger and even more flexible than she was before her surgery.

“Before I started training with you, my back pain was the worst of all my pains. Now it is gone; I can even sit in straight-back chairs. Bending is easier, and I can tie my own shoes again. A half-mile walk used to be impossible, now I can go 2 miles!” -Elleni M.

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