Kickboxing Classes – Fall 2017

Fun time in class

This high-energy, super-fun class plows through the calories. You’ll gain new strength and endurance to power you through your busy life!

A mix of punching & kicking combos keeps you challenged. It’s a great fitness-minded, diva-free atmosphere.

Classes go for 50 minutes and conclude with long, lovely yoga stretches. You’ll leave feeling like a puddle of happy, stress-free goo.

Your Inner Child is Wonder Woman

My background in martial arts means I focus on form and technique, giving you safe and realistic moves. My background in group exercise ensures that you get a high variety of games and drills that feel more like playground recess than gym drudgery.

We don’t do flying spin kicks, aerial splits, or any crazy cage-fighting moves that are best left to college kids. Wanna get in a ring and spar? There are other gyms for that…

Small classes help build a sense of community and accountability, so I keep each class to a max of 8 members.

December classes will meet for the first half of the month and are $12 each.

Sundays 10am – Dec 3, 10

Thursdays 7pm – Dec 7, 14

“I’ve lost 15 pounds since I started your kickboxing classes twice a week. And I feel so much stronger now!”

Brady Chisolm

Stylist, Allie J Salon

“I learned a lot from you and I loved that every class I attended the choreography was different. I appreciate the work you put into creating newer routines.”

Talia Erinna

Personal Trainer, Fit Body Boot Camp

“My midwife complimented my strong ab muscles, so I have to send a shout-out to the most awesome fitness instructor and inspiration that I know. Thanks for helping me stay motivated, Kelly!”

Sarah Shafer

Self-Employed Nanny

The Fine Print

Classes require a minimum of 5 members to reserve space in my rental space, The Body Bar Smyrna. If there are less than 5 paid members one week prior to the start of a class, I’ll refund the class fee to anyone who signed up, and cancel the class.

Please note, there are no refunds for missed classes – the rest of us are counting on your participation and your energy, so please plan to attend most, if not all, of the classes you purchase. (If I have to cancel for any reason, you get a free make-up class. Of course you do.)

Grab Your Spot!

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Classes take place at The Body Bar, a private studio on Atlanta Road. (I am not an employee of this studio – I just rent the space.) CLICK HERE or the map below to be directed to the location on Google Maps.

Map to Rental Studio

If you would like more individualized attention, or a quieter environment, Personal or Group Training may be the perfect fit for you! Learn more here:

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