Small Group Training

Basically a hybrid of personal training and group fitness classes, small groups are an ideal way to benefit from the attention and expertise of a trainer, while enjoying a substantially reduced rate.

Groups are formed when 3 – 4 people decide to work out together to reach a common goal like participating in a 5K, or making a conscious choice to be more active. Or because they love hanging out together, and know that working out together will be fun, too.

Friends at the gym

These small, personal groups are my absolute favorites, because the members motivate each other, they hold each other accountable – the energy is glorious and every session is a rollicking good time.

Group Training includes goal-setting strategies and access to workouts in a mobile training app. Workouts are geared toward the goals of the group, and members are expected to attend every session as a group. Consistent attendance is key to getting results.

All smiles for Swiss ball workout

Members should be similar in fitness level, exercise ability, and goals.

Sessions are scheduled according to the availability of the members and the trainer.


3-session Trial*:       $54 per person
Per session rate:     $18 per person

*Trial Packages are available to first-time groups only.

See what other group & class members have experienced…

“I’ve lost 15 pounds since I started your kickboxing classes twice a week. And I feel so much stronger now!”

Brady Chisolm

Stylist, Allie J Salon

“Thank you for helping me stay in shape; I just went on a mountain hike and kept up with my 8 year old grand-nephew!”

Becky Westermann

Group Fitness Class Member

“Kelly is the best instructor I’ve ever had; motivational, engages the class well, and focuses on different fitness levels.”

Trishie Johnson

Volunteer, Zoo Atlanta

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3 + 1 =

“I learned a lot from you and I loved that every class I attended the choreography was different. I appreciate the work you put into creating newer routines.”

Talia Erinna

Personal Trainer, Fit Body Boot Camp

“My midwife complimented my strong ab muscles, so I have to send a shout-out to the most awesome fitness instructor and inspiration that I know. Thanks for helping me stay motivated, Kelly!”

Sarah Shafer

Self-Employed Nanny

"Good variety! I liked the use of the stability ball to do strength work. The workouts are both challenging and fun!"

Jennifer Heighton

Group Training Member

All training sessions and classes take place at The Body Bar, a private studio on Atlanta Road. (I am not an employee of this studio – I just rent the space.) CLICK HERE or the map below to be directed to the location on Google Maps.

body bar map small

Do you think you might like more individualized attention, or a quieter environment?

Personal Training may be the perfect fit for you! Learn more here:

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