Walk & Talk Group

The Actively Social Club is open to anyone who looks forward to chatting with friends after a fitness class just as much as the the class itself. Our goal is to make activity tempting by adding a “social” component to all of our outings. 

We have lunch in the middle of a bike ride, have coffee before heading off on a long walk, or chat over a glass of wine after a relaxing yoga session. We love to socialize with others who share our active lifestyle and the occasional splurge.

Last winter we had a Yoga Wine Down to prep for the holiday season and a winter retreat to a cozy cabin to recharge our batteries. So far this summer, we’ve had a zip-lining adventure, a hike of lovely Sweetwater Creek, and a fireworks pool party for the 4th of July. Next up: we’re going horseback riding, having a stand-up paddle boarding lesson, creating fabulous recipes at a cooking party, and taking a long bike ride down the Silver Comet Trail before Labor Day marks the official end of summer.

** Kids and dogs are part of our social network, and therefore are welcome on our daytime hikes and special events as noted.

Just a few snaps of this summer’s activities…

The weather was ideal for the Actively Social hike on May 6th – sunny and cool. There were a lot of big boulders, logs and steep inclines, so it was a great way to tire out the kids. Afterwards, we had delicious food at Zama Mexican Cuisine, but I have no photos of that… apparently, big boulders tire out the grownups, too.

For our Winter Retreat last February, we spent a long weekend in a gorgeous cabin in Ellijay. We cooked, we hiked, we visited a local winery, and we took turns unleashing our inner Oprah and doling out sage advice. We did yoga on the river bank and in our den. It was awesome.

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