I believe that strength, endurance and flexibility are the cornerstones for all activity. Indeed, they are the foundation of a healthy, productive life at any age.

My mission is to help you feel better and move more easily, so you’ll find yourself wanting to get up and do more. This will start a happy domino effect that will positively impact every aspect of your life.

I focus on two core areas: personal & group training for women over 40 who want to become more fit, and fitness classes well-suited for women of any age who are already following an exercise regimen and want to step up their game.

My clients are intelligent, successful women who realize that activity is a key component of a healthy lifestyle. They can work out during my core hours of 8am – 4pm because they are business owners, retirees, or work-from-home and can make their own schedules.

These women have tried working out before, have tried several diets but haven’t yet found lasting success. They realize there are no quick fixes, and are now ready to commit to a lifestyle change.

Sara Oliver


Sara is a Registered Dietician at Emory Hospital. She has boundless energy and can-do attitude, and is my go-to recommendation for anyone wanting a customized meal plan. An experienced long-distance runner, Sara often coordinates and sets the pace for our 5K runs.

My Certifications

American Council on Exercise

Certified Personal Trainer
American Council on Exercise

Certified Instructor 2015


Certified Instructor
Group Fitness & Exercise

Adult CPR/AEDAmerican Red Cross

Certified Adult CPR/AED
American Red Cross

Group Fitness InstructorAerobics & Fitness Association of America

Certified Instructor
Group Fitness, Kickboxing

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