Training for an Active Life

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Whether you need to get more movement into your daily life, begin a new training program, or make healthier nutrition choices, I can help you reach your goals. Where would you like to start?

Actively Social

"Actively Social" Club

We hike, bike & paddle around town – and we grab a cuppa joe or a bite to eat while we’re at it. Living that active lifestyle is way more fun when you do things in a social setting… See what the club has planned!

Kelly Kicks & Steps Personal Training

Personal Training

One-on-one instruction is an excellent choice for those getting into (or getting back to) a fitness program. You get undivided attention and a customized program to meet your goals.

Group Training Photo

Group Training

Group training sessions are geared toward group goals and interests. We’ll use equipment to makes moves easier – or harder – whatever is needed to keep everyone engaged and challenged.

Alter Nutrition As You Mature

As medicine continues to advance and we are living longer, quality of life remains a high priority. Age can also bring with it some real weight struggles, like the stubborn middle-age spread and what feels like a sluggish metabolism. Meeting nutritional needs as you age may require an adjustment in lifestyle, including what you eat and how you exercise. Here are some things to keep in mind as you get closer to the golden years… Continue Reading

Kabobs & Kebabs

Skewers of crunchy veggies and juicy tidbits of steak, all marinated and grilled to perfection, are an excellent tribute to Labor Day's end-of-summer feast. These fresh veggie kabobs are packed with tons of flavor – perfect as a healthy side dish to any meal. If you...

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Anti-Sitting Stretches

To counteract flab caused by too much sitting, simply lie back and put your feet up. Here are two moves and a stretch for firming, lifting, and shaping your rear end and thighs that employ this principle.These lower-body toners use a stability ball and are done in a...

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Start A Walking Program

Does your job keep you chained to a desk? Want to get moving and feel better? Start a walking program with short distances, slow paces and flat surfaces; and gradually build up distance, speed and inclines. Focus on good posture, with head lifted and shoulders...

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A Serious Pain in the Butt

Ever felt pain in your lower back when you stood up after sitting for awhile? How about pain in just one of your hips? Or the not-funny-at-all pain in your actual butt, making it hurt to walk? It might be caused by constriction of the piriformis muscle. I can hear you...

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Fancy-Schmancy Avocado Toasts

Searching my Food Network app for some inspiration, I saw a show called Bootcamp Brunch, devoted to a healthy-yet-indulgent spread. In the show, a personal trainer led a group of friends through an outdoor workout before they all settled down to refuel. It's like they...

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Yoga Poses To Help You Sleep

Yoga has a way of calming the nervous system. Through deep breathing, long stretches and relaxing postures, yoga can help induce a good night’s sleep so you feel rested and ready for the day that lies ahead. This simple yoga sequence is easy to do right before bed....

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